Monday, November 21, 2016

Vanessa Palmer Environment Concept

EDIT: Reworked



  1. Looking good. Nice composition and colors, rock shapes, lighting, steam effects. Maybe ease up on the overall saturation by introducing more true grays into the rocks. Believe it or not, some well-placed grays will actually help your warm & cool colors read more clearly and discretely, and therefore make a more appealing overall harmony.

  2. I definitely like your reworked version better. Desaturating the rocks looks a lot better. I love your lava too. The only thing I would suggest playing with is slightly adding maybe more light or something from the lava. I wouldn't add it in all your lava areas, but I would just choose a couple and really make it look like it is glowing or something. I don't really know what kind of lava you were going for but when I think of lava, I think of the hot glow it gives. If you place that around your character that also might help draw more attention to her and create a high area of contrast.

  3. Great composition, use of color, and atmospheric perspective. And your rocks are really cool. Love it!

    One question: If the lava is flowing into a pool, shouldn't there be more steam? (I'm assuming the blue liquid on the right is water.) Speaking of the water, I find I'm drawn to the waterfall on the right because the bright saturated water color really contrasts the dark and dull rocks, forming a secondary focal point and I'm not entirely sure if you were intending this area to feel important or not. What I mean to say is when I look at the picture my eyes are immediately drawn to the character in the lava, then secondly to the partially obscured waterfall on the right.

  4. Awesome piece V-Dawg! I think your reworked it much stronger due to the desaturation and vignetting of the darks. The composition is really strong and the colors are working really well. Something to maybe help with what Jon is bring up would be to add some steam coming off of the water (as that's probably what would happen if lava was pouring into it) to help take your eye away from the water and back to your character. Just a thought!

    Also, Jon Snow's icon is a picture of Jon Snow and I love it! :D